How to Make Investment Decisions

Making investment decisions can be very challenging because of all the things you have to consider. Here are things to help you make that decision.

Amount of money.
When investing I would recommend putting a decent amount of money into your investment. That way you will be making more money than just putting a few dollars in. Think of it this way, if you receive a 100% return but you have only invested 5 dollars, you have only made five dollars. But if you have invested 5,000, you have made...

Introduction to raising finance

When a company is growing rapidly, for example when contemplating investment in capital equipment or an acquisition, its current financial resources may be inadequate. Few growing companies are able to finance their expansion plans from cash flow alone. They will therefore need to consider raising finance from other external sources. In addition, managers who are looking to buy-in to a business ("management buy-in" or "MBI") or buy-out (management buy-out" or "MBO") a business from its owners...

How to Find a Good Insurance Agent

In general, there are two types of insurance agents - independent agents who write for more than one company and contract agents who represent a single company.

Step 1
Contact at least five different agents. Consider using an insurance broker who can help you comparison shop.
Step 2
Consider the agent's office and professional staff. Ask for customer references and contact some of them to find out how they like the agent and their services.
Step 3
Ask for printouts of...

How to Become an Insurance Agent

A successful insurance agent must be an excellent salesperson with an outgoing personality. The agent must also possess superior mathematical skills and constantly keep up-to-date on any changes within the insurance industry.

Step 1
Familiarize yourself with the insurance field. Life, health, property and liability insurance are the areas in which most agents currently work.

Step 2
Receive a bachelor's degree in business or economics. Insurance companies prefer to hire...

How to Make A Good Investment

Making a good investment can be a very hard thing to do, but if successful, the payoff can be huge. Here are some ways to help you find that payoff.

 Step 1

One very popular way to invest today is through the stock market. The stock market can make you quite a lot of money but it can also take a lot as well. With so many stocks out there it can sometimes be hard to choose the right investment.
 Step 2

 Try to pick a sector that you know something about. It will make...
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