Good Creative Teaching Methods

The key to creative teaching lies in finding the second right approach, and the third and the fourth and so on to every educational forum, whether yours is the classroom, the laboratory, the work place. The reinforcing key is to approach teaching situations as if you were applying for a patent. In U.S. patent law, one is required to demonstrate that your product or process is novel and useful. Novel? What you invent has to be different in some way and has to be utilitarian. Think...

The Role of the Teacher In the Distance Learning Lab

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The teacher is responsible for all aspects of the instructional process. The teacher will
be aided by facilitators at all remote sites. The teacher and the facilitators will work
together to insure the success of the students.


    • The teacher is responsible for instructing the students in the subject content.
    • The teacher is responsible for establishing classroom procedures/policies for the local
      and the remote sites.
    • The teacher is...

Characteristics of a Good Educator

Diversity - the professional educator uses teaching and learning strategies that reflect each student’s culture, learning styles, special needs, and socioeconomic background.

Assessment - the professional educator uses assessment strategies (traditional and alternative) to assist the continuous development of the learner.

Planning - the professional educator plans, implements, and evaluates effective instruction in a variety of learning environments.

Human Development and Learning - the...

Effective Teacher

Learning the basic skills necessary for you to become an effective educator can be especially difficult for a first year teacher. Becoming an effective teacher takes practice and special guidance from mentors and administrators. Effective teaching does not involve presenting your exciting lessons or activities to the class, it is a craft learned over time. Effective teaching is a teaching philosophy that can distinctly change given the situation. For example, a classroom with five students is a...


1. Explain. Some recent research shows that many students do poorly on assignments or in participation because they do not understand what to do or why they should do it. Teachers should spend more time explaining why we teach what we do, and why the topic or approach or activity is important and interesting and worthwhile. In the process, some of the teacher's enthusiasm will be transmitted to the students, who will be more likely to become interested. Similarly, teachers should spend more...
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