How to Be a Good Retail Manager

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Being a good retail manager takes more skills than having to boss your employees around. In order to have a successful and organized store, it takes a good retail manager with a bit of basic knowledge. Keep the following tips in mind the next day you walk into your store.

Step 1 Train your employees the right way the first time. Although it may take longer to go through everything thoroughly, this can help you save lots of money and time later on. Also, keep in mind to train your Sales Associates to become Supervisors and your Assistant Managers to become Managers. If you were offered a promotion but can't have anyone to fill your spot, it's unlikely you'll be promoted at all.

Step 2 Delegate responsibilities to your employees. You may be the type of person who likes to do everything because you like it a certain way, but remember that you can only do so much. Plus, this may also help your employees to improve what skills they may lack. Delegating minor things to employees will also give you time to do what you really need to get done such as payroll, hiring, etc.

Step 3 Follow-up. Check your employees once in a while to see the progress of the work delegated to them. If they have done a good job, do let them know. Nothing bothers an employee more than feeling unappreciated. If they have done a good job but not quite finished, let them know that you like what they have done so far and expect the rest to be finished. If they have been working on it but isn't to your liking, teach them the appropriate way to do it. If however they haven't gotten around to it at all, ask them why!

Step 4 Also be sure to treat each and every customer as your Family Doctor would treat you. This means to concentrate on the customer that you're helping and acknowledge any other customer by letting them know that you'll be with them momentarily. Of course, you must finish assisting the first customer that you were helping first. Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated if you were a customer.

Step 5 You're setting an example to your employees so be sure to follow each and every policy set by your company. Be a leader to your employees as well as a role model.

Step 6 Plan everything ahead of time so that you can get everything done right the first time around. It's better to have taken time to get things done the first time, than to have done things completely wrong only to start over again. Waste of energy, waste of time.